Sunday, May 06, 2007

a message i got

this is an sms i received while watching selangor beat Johor fc 3-0 last night. (support your local team wei, korang bukannye lahir kat manchester, london or liverpool nak poyo lebih2 support team EPL)

" badawi & mahatir in helicopter. looking down at KL, badawi said 'if i throw 2 rm100 notes down now, 2 fortunate people r goin to be happy'. mahathir said 'if i throw 200 m1 notes, 200 ppl wil b happy'. pilot heard & said "if i throw both of u down, 27 million ppl will be happy'

this msg was origanally from a pak arab which happens to be my fren's classmate.

i'm not perfec.

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