Thursday, May 24, 2007


our dreams were shattered in Athens, courtesy of Pippo's double. we were very much in control of the game, but no promises on things that we've planned will work on our ways.

unfortunate things happened at times. but it is not the reason for us to give up, we have to pick up ourselves no matter what and move on.

"renung di dalam diri dan bertanya kata hati"

some say, experience is a good teacher. i say experience is the only teacher that i have.

failure is an oppurtunity when you know how to manipulate it. it leads us into learning continuosly.

next season, liverpool will become more stronger and robust.

p/s: kepada mereka yang menghujani aku dengan message2 mengutuk, menghine, meminte aku bersabar,dan macam2 lagi. aku tak tau laa nak cakap ape.jage2 laa korang next season.

"one step backward, two steps forward"

3 steps forward, aa...WATCH OUT, i'll kick your guys asses!

walk on, walk on... you'll never walk alone!

hari ni aku masok tv. hehe

i'm not perfec.


aQieYa said...

im reading u ;)

HaFiDz ByLz @ Ude @ ToBey said...

owh thank you there fren yang dah lame sangat tak jumpe nih....

aQieYa said...
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